Prof. Gert Cruywagen

Prof. Gert Cruywagen

(Chief Operations Officer – Risk and Insurance Services at GRIPP Advisory)

MEET OUR GUEST SPEAKER – Prof. Gert Cruywagen


Dr. Gert Cruywagen is a permanent member of the King Committee on Corporate Governance and has over 40 years of experience. As an experienced company director, he has served on the boards of various listed companies and State-Owned Enterprises. He currently serves as the Lead Independent non-executive director of Accelerate Property Fund Limited and serves as Chairman of both the Audit and Risk Committee and Investment Committee. He is an approved insurance company director in four jurisdictions, namely South Africa, Isle of Man, Guernsey, and Sweden. Dr. Cruywagen is a past chairperson of the Group Risk Governance Committee of the City of Johannesburg. He was recently elected as the President of the International Federation of Risk and Insurance Management Associations (IFRIMA). Furthermore, he is the founder and chairman of the Cruywagen-IRMSA Risk Foundation; a non-profit body that facilitates student internships, risk training, and exchange programmes for students in the disciplines of risk, to and from the USA.

Presenting on Day 2

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